Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Messing Around With Adobe Illustrator

so, i took SCI-FI/FANTASY ILLUSTRATION this semester and i decided to stick with the fantasy side of the course and go with a few children's book stories. i wanted to challenge myself and do most of these with Abode Illustrator. i think it was a pretty successful attempt and doing so i've gotten a bit more comfortable with the program. i've been thinking a lot recently about getting into the greeting card business. i think i could hone my style to fit one of the many companies out there. here's hoping, eh?

anyways, on to the designs!

here's my first piece, "Hansel & Gretel". i wanted to use the witch's robe as part of the background design.


this here be my design for "The Little Mermaid". this one is prolly my favorite design from the class. my prof thought this would make a nice stationery design.


my piece for "The Ugly Duckling". this one didn't come out too shabby either. just gotta keep at it.

this class was pretty tight. it also made me realize that i need to learn how to paint with PHOTOSHOP. that's gonna be my next venture.

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