Sunday, September 25, 2011

Simple Simian

here's a little something i did a couple of days ago. i'd sketched this ape character a few months back and found it the other day and decided to give it a little bit of life (aren't second chances nice?)

the original sketch

color'd up

with a simple background shape finish

i wanted to try something different and decided to avoid line work as much as possible and tried to use shape and color to show form and change in planes. i'm happy with how it came out.

special shout out to my dear maddie for being my belly button ring model :p

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

here's a few more steps in my process towards the finished piece. so far to get from this outline to the (nearly) completed character design took about 2-3 hrs. i think i'm getting a little bit quicker, but i'm not there yet. gotta keep practicing EVERYDAY. but so far, i'm happy with how she's coming along.

gettin' there.

here she is, almost done! :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

so for my sci-fi/fantasy illustration class we were given a short description of a scene from a story and it's up to all of us to depict that scene in our own way/style: characters, set-up, perspective, etc. so here's my version of one of the characters, the Night Priestess Charnel. i'm still all about the angular and elongated style that i've been getting into so i thought i'd keep it going with the character design. i'm gonna try to get this as close to completion as possible tonite. here's hoping.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


here's a little guy that i'd sketched up and gave a vector face lift, Blobby (seriously, that was the first name that came to mind).

and here's the lil' fella with some friends.

swim on, Blobby. swim on.


here's a random page outta my sketchbook. playing around with shapes and turning them into little creatures FUN, FUN, FUN! :D!!!!

A Litt'l B'it Mo' Pra'ctice

aiiight, he's another practice piece i worked on over the summer break! this one was my first attempt at using ILLUSTRATOR since class had ended in may. i've been toying around designing characters with very sharp and angular faces and features. i think i've found a new style to play around with and hopefully i'll be able to push this style further :)

the sketch

i actually think i prefer the head as a standalone piece :p

and here's the third version. just playing around with the design.

Skull Girl

here's another piece i worked on over this summer. at this point, i'm just getting more familiar with the in's and out's of the program and tools. like i said, vector art is my new thing now. i do still love watercolor and pen & ink but i think it's that time i set those bad boys down for a little bit and try to expand my skill set.

so here's the initial rough sketch of Skull Girl,

and here's the final piece,

i'm trying to be a little bit more design-oriented as opposed to trying to get perspective and stuff down. i've always been a fan of character-driven illustrations, here's to doing more of those soon!

Back From Limbo

well, it's been quite some time since i've posted here on my blogger but i'm back in FULL FORCE! i'll be updating my blog 3x weekly from now own with a multitude of new sketches, concepts, and a few works in progress, and finishes added in, too! haha. so, let's do this!!!

So here's a sketch of mine that i did this summer. i think i've been put into my panda kick again especially after meeting this great gal, Maddie. she's been an interesting source of inspiration, both visually and story-wise!

And, here is the final product all done in VECTOR. i've really found a knack and great respect for vector illustration. it's just that much more rewarding to me :)

gotta love them pandas ;)