Thursday, December 29, 2011

Greeting Card Designs

since i think i'd like to make it into the greeting card business, i think i'll start making a few simple designs that could be used for greeting, get well, birthday, (etc) cards! ooooh, happy days!


"Yeee!" is what i'm calling this one. it's the second piece in my Radicchio Series. i'm pretty damed happy with how this one came out. i tried my best to adjust the image in photoshop but i may have to get up on the good ol' fashioned scanner action later and repost the final image.

in any case, i think i'll be submitting this bad boy to the 2012 AAU Spring Show next year! i'm sure it's got a shot!

with some more color.

here's where i started to feel that i might have fucked this up!

but in the end....


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


here's the newest piece i'm working on. i don't really have a title for it yet, but it's the second piece in my "Cherry Picker" series. here, Radicchio (top), Lamond (right), and Baddicus (bottom) are in a bit of a jam trying to get ahold of those delicious Jazzberries!

i hope to have this bad boy finished this week. if it turns out well i'll enter this in the 2012 AAU Spring Show!


Friday, December 16, 2011

BUnny Time

started out with this random sketch in class the other week and i decided that i wanted to make a logo for myself to stamp on my illustrations. ya know, cuz' it's the thing to do nowadays.

for some reason i'd been on this weird bunny kick in my classes so i figured might as well go with it.

i took that image into ILLUSTRATOR and gave it a nice little vector facelift. i've got 3 versions of the sketch, each with slight color variations. i just wanted to test the waters out and keep my hands on my tablet :)


i decided to go with a black silhouette of the skull and just mess around with the flames and such. added some orange and darker red to it.


the second one just has a small gradient in the flame. i kinda like this one the most so far.


this one uses a gradient too but i'm not really feeling the dark red that i used in it. so, MEH!

aiiight, that's about it for now. gotta keep working on that portfolio.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


i need to step it up and watercolor more ;)

Messing Around With Adobe Illustrator

so, i took SCI-FI/FANTASY ILLUSTRATION this semester and i decided to stick with the fantasy side of the course and go with a few children's book stories. i wanted to challenge myself and do most of these with Abode Illustrator. i think it was a pretty successful attempt and doing so i've gotten a bit more comfortable with the program. i've been thinking a lot recently about getting into the greeting card business. i think i could hone my style to fit one of the many companies out there. here's hoping, eh?

anyways, on to the designs!

here's my first piece, "Hansel & Gretel". i wanted to use the witch's robe as part of the background design.


this here be my design for "The Little Mermaid". this one is prolly my favorite design from the class. my prof thought this would make a nice stationery design.


my piece for "The Ugly Duckling". this one didn't come out too shabby either. just gotta keep at it.

this class was pretty tight. it also made me realize that i need to learn how to paint with PHOTOSHOP. that's gonna be my next venture.

I'm Still Around!!

haha, it's been a pretty busy semester for me. it's actually my FINAL semester here at school so i've been dedicating a lot of time finishing up projects and such. now, with this being the last week i can finally get back to blogging it up again!!!! aren't you happy????



anywayz, i'll currently designing my website. i figured it was about time i got up on that! not too bad (price-wise) and it's really easy to manage once i get the hang of it. i'll keep you posted on this once it develops. well i think it's time i posted a couple of things that i've been working on in the next post!