Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jackson Black.

a stencil idea....or maybe a wheat pasting project? hmm...

Lady Brown

the "Lady Brown". i think i'd like to bring this into the world of vector art once i get those skillz up.

The Final Panda Piece...(for now?)

i've been pegged as the "panda boy" by some due to the fact that i draw pandas a lot....i dun want that to be the case so i decided that this would be the last panda piece i'd do...

so far, it's been working out :)

here we go. starting off with the pencils.

throw on a lil bit o' color.


THERE's the panda!


Special Project.

a little bit of pen & ink action to combat the colors on the blog. this was something i did for extra credit in a comics course in school.

the line work.
the finish.

The Cherry Picker

one of my all-time favorite pieces. check it out, step by step

In Class Assignments

some classwork projects with faceted shapes.

same pic but with the BG added.

The First Official Post Oy My NEW BLOG....

alright, so here we go again.

i've got my new "professional" blog up now so now it's time to get crackin' with the art work. so without any further distractions, ENJOY:

these few pieces here were done with my (then) limited experience with watercolor coupled with pen & ink. i think they came out pretty good for a first try.

"Lei" is a watercolor & ink illustration based off of a friend of mine. not to say she looks like a money ('cuz she doesn't!!! luv u lei) but 'cause she and this character both share goofy personalities :)

"The Big Catch" - another of my practice runs. i love how the colors came out in this one.