Friday, December 16, 2011

BUnny Time

started out with this random sketch in class the other week and i decided that i wanted to make a logo for myself to stamp on my illustrations. ya know, cuz' it's the thing to do nowadays.

for some reason i'd been on this weird bunny kick in my classes so i figured might as well go with it.

i took that image into ILLUSTRATOR and gave it a nice little vector facelift. i've got 3 versions of the sketch, each with slight color variations. i just wanted to test the waters out and keep my hands on my tablet :)


i decided to go with a black silhouette of the skull and just mess around with the flames and such. added some orange and darker red to it.


the second one just has a small gradient in the flame. i kinda like this one the most so far.


this one uses a gradient too but i'm not really feeling the dark red that i used in it. so, MEH!

aiiight, that's about it for now. gotta keep working on that portfolio.

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