Friday, April 15, 2011

Collabin' and other projects

seems like this semester just keeps on throwing more and more at me, but i can handle it (just wish i had more time to play my PS3).

the next project that i have to work on is a collaboration for my SENIOR PORTFOLIO class. seems pretty simple enuff since i do have a bunch of illustrator and art friends. i might hook up with my boy Matt Gee (pretty cool graffiti art style) and try to bust something out with that and my pen and ink skillz. we'll see how this turns out in the end....tho, i miiiight actually try to go digital with this bad boy.

i still want/NEED to work on some personal pieces. my little squirrel guy, Radicchio, needs more time in the spotlight. i think i'm gonna get down with that after the semester's done and over. i'm ready for a damn break before my last semester hits this FALL.

aiiiight, back to more sketching and planning before i head off to work.


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